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Pure Insight Strategy

As an empath with Clair & channeling abilities, I intuitively coach people through their sticking points.  In a conversational manner, we’ll work together to clear the way to understanding yourself by identifying patterns, finding areas that require love and healing, revealing gifts and uncovering your passions and life purpose.


Reclaim your personal power by obtaining clarity for your life.


My marching orders are simple:  I am to develop and use my gifts to help others navigate situations and their lives with clarity.

Hurting people hurt people. I intend to disrupt that cycle. I am living out my purpose as boldly as I can, helping others clear unnecessary emotional weight by reframing and unlinking situations that cause pain and confusion. During our sessions, we will identify thinking patterns that keep you blocked, heal wounds you may not realize you have and strengthen your intuition so you may navigate your life with an even deeper understanding.

Know that you are unstoppable. You are worthy.  You are amazing.  I want to share what I see/feel/hear/know.  My job is not to be “right”, but rather I am to deliver messages that are pertinent to where you are in your life at this moment.  It’s about you.  It’s why I do what I do.

It’s about standing in your power and doing what you’re supposed to do…in freedom.

I use a combination of the Clair senses and channeling to interpret and communicate the spiritual downloads I receive.   The Clair senses often occur outside the limitations of time and space so I am often able to gain information about the past and future and show how they connect to the present.

CLAIRAUDIENCE (Clear Hearing): to receive sounds or words

CLAIREMPATHY (Clear Emotion): to receive the emotional experience of a person, place or animal

CLAIRGUSTANCE (Clear Tasting): to taste a substance without physically putting anything in one’s mouth

CLAIRSCENT (Clear Smelling): to receive odor or fragrances which is not in one’s physical surroundings

CLAIRSENTIENCE (Clear Feeling): to receive information by a “feeling” independent of current external circumstances

CLAIRTANGENCY (Clear Touch): to receive information from physically handling an object

CLAIRVOYANCE (Clear Vision): to receive images, impressions and symbols in the “mind’s eye”

CHANNELING: “stepping aside” in the physical realm and allowing the body/mind to be used as a conduit for information, healing, energy and messages


It's about standing in your power and doing what you're supposed to do…in freedom.

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